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Monday, October 16, 2006

Edwina Charles on The Dramatic and Exciting Sculptures by Pilikian

Edwina Charles on

The Exciting and Dramatic Sculptures by Pilikian - {ll} - 'EVE'

Pilikian’s Eve is one for our times, as erotic as anything a man can imagine or fantasize in his dreams. Clearly pregnant, Pilikan’s post-modern Eve is no young sapling quartered from Adam’s rib-cage, but a successful power-hungry career-woman feminist in her late thirties… The glorious eroticism of her confident pregnancy is in her haunches, her expanded pubic hair,

even in the crevices of her shoulder-length pony-tail and where her shoulder blade rests at the juncture of pillow and couch – an extraordinary originality of sculptural conception, visually so striking, as to be captured even in photographs.

Not a Lesbian myself even in terms of ‘Freudian’ fantasy, I can however appreciate Pilikian’s achievement of the ‘goddess-ness’ of the female figure. And I find his tale of the creative provenance of the Adam-and-Eve pair enlightening.

Pilikian says ; “Sculpted of course at different times, I did not impose a pose on the models. I let them choose their own. Astonishingly, the male sat-up, while the female model immediately reclined and stretched on a ‘bed’. It may not sound politically correct to note, that the models left to their natural selves, at least in my context, manifested their archetypal and very ancient sexuality – the male as erect, and the female as recipient figures…

I have deliberately left the pieces unfinished here and there – in memory of Michelangelo’s last masterpieces - half sculpted ‘slaves’ embedded within the stones, not yet fully ‘liberated’ out of their ‘rocks’ … When he was young, Michelangelo happily finished and polished his marbles to the n-th degree (“David”, “Pieta”) – it took him a lifetime to grasp that in the final analysis, no art-work can be perfect or complete - Man not being the god that the superficial among the Renaissance men thought…”


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